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top five emergency room errors

Visiting the emergency room is a very stressful experience. Depending on your complaints, emergency room triage means it could be hours before you’re moved into a bed, let alone examined by a doctor.

From delays in treatment to many other emergency room errors, things can go wrong every day. When these errors cause harm to patients, victims might end up filing emergency room negligence cases against doctors, hospitals, and other responsible parties. 

You have legal rights if you are the victim of an emergency room mistake. Please contact an experienced New Mexico medical malpractice lawyer at Poulos & Coates to learn how we can assist you. In the meantime, here’s a look at the five most common emergency room mistakes.

  1. Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis

When an emergency room doctor fails to make the correct diagnosis, it can delay life-saving treatment. Treating you for the wrong condition or not treating you at all could have dire consequences. Misdiagnosing you means you won’t receive proper follow-up treatment, imaging studies, medication, etc.

A delayed diagnosis could result in death if you have a life-threatening condition, such as cancer, a stroke, or a heart attack. 

  1. Surgical Errors

Patients visiting the emergency room might need to undergo emergency surgical procedures right away. Being rushed could lead to mistakes, such as leaving a foreign object in your body or causing internal damage. Sometimes, the surgeon might even operate on the wrong body part.  

  1. Misreading or Interpreting Imaging Studies

Failure to accurately interpret or read imaging studies can create a domino effect of errors down the line. Examples include delayed treatment, unnecessary procedures, wrong prescription medicines, and more. 

  1. Early Discharge

Hospitals are trying to get patients out of beds as soon as possible. That is especially true in emergency rooms across the country. Hospitals need space, which can lead to physicians discharging patients before they should be let go. If you’re released without proper medical supervision, you might end up right back in the hospital with worsening symptoms. An early discharge could lead to a patient’s death in extreme situations. 

  1. Prescription Medication Mistakes

Sometimes, emergency room errors involve medication. Perhaps someone prescribed the wrong medication or the wrong dosage. Medication errors could lead to allergic reactions or devastating side effects. Swamped doctors in the emergency room can miss important information on your charts, like allergies or current medications you’re on. Prescribing something that interacts with existing drugs can create life-threatening side effects. 

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Our firm specializes in medical malpractice cases. We know how challenging it is to deal with the aftermath of emergency room errors. Don’t attempt to handle your case independently.

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